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Cairnbrae Bazinga

AKA: Ben or Benjamin

Tri, Rough Coat 13";
DOB: April 28, 2014


Cairnbrae Bazinga

Cairnbrae Bazinga

Cairnbrae Bazinga
of Hidden Acres

Rough Coat,13"
Rapscallion Rowdy
Conquest Dash
Conquest Sizzle
Little Eden Airy
Shelmar Double Dose
Lettle Eden Lofty
Tri, Brkn,12.75"

Ben is a beautiful tri color, rough coat. If we had to describe Ben in one word it would be kind.
He is very gentle around children, people and puppies.
He has been going along to check out some hunting spots.



Ben is BAER normal, PLL & SCA normal by descent.

Meadowlake Gigolo of Hidden Acres

Saying goodbye to this guy is hard.
He was our go to dog, he did everything.
Was easy to show, would do go to ground, race even though he wasn't fast.
Agility, child and youth handler.
We could hunt him with anyone, any where.
I'm sure Boo is barking at you on the other side.
Meadowlake Gigolo of Hidden Acres

Meadowlake Gigolo
Tan/White, Rough Coat,12 3/4"
Fox Run Hustler  Stryder's Arrow
Fox Run Demon
Foxnorton Hooker Weasel
Bill Bridge Dime

Meadowlake Gigolo of Hidden Acres

Gigolo is a true gentleman. He is easy to show for me and for the kids. He is a pleasure to hunt with. Words can not describe the joy this little white dog has brought to us.
He is out producing him self, and putting his wonderful disposition in his offspring
along with his great looks.

2001 4-6 month JRTCA National Puppy Champion

"Gig" has a terrific show record.
2001 JRTCA National Puppy Champion
Best Dog Puppy & Puppy Champion at Heartland Trial
Best Open Dog & Best Open Terrier At Cumberland Trial
Best Open Dog & Reserve Best Open Terrier at
Mid-America Working Trial 2005

Spring Gate Ruff'N Tuff of Hidden Acres
NHC to raccoon

6-95 to 10-07
Gone but never forgotten.

Tuffy is our OLD man, he has a wonderful history in the show ring and in the field.

Tuffy place 4th in 6-9 month dog pups at the Heartland Trial in 1996, 5th in 6-9 month Broken/Rough dog pups at the JRTCA SW Regional in 1996. He received 1st place in under rough/broken dogs at the North American Terrier Classic in 1996,also at the same trial he won the novice adult, Kentucky Bred, BEST OPEN DOG. Tuffy was 2nd in Kentucky Bred at the North American Working Terrier Trial. He was still showing in the Verterans class and winning. He has a real nice show record. Tuffy is so sweet natured, and loves to give kisses. Tuffy taught all of the young dogs how to hunt. He was very good with beginners.

SpringGate Ruff'N Tuff
Tan/White, Rough Coat,12 1/4" NHC/Coon
Foxwarren Beaufort  Foxwarren Sport II
Foxwarren Frenzy
SpringGate Spanky Blue Arbor Rascal

3/94 - 9/09
Sow's Ear Lasher-NHC
(Beno x Windermere Witewitch)
Sow's Ear Lasher
Tan/White color, 13 1/2", Rough coat
Thank you Terri Lee and Karen McCarthy for the honor to have Lasher back to the USA and to the Mid-West.
Lasher has fluent movement, Very stong head. He has a lot of hunt in him. We got Lasher in April of 2004, he has already proven to us, he will hunt! He holds a Natural hunting certificate to raccon. He is registered JRTCA and JRTCC.
My oldest son Ross has clamed Lasher as his.
Lasher is a half sibbling to our Sow's Ear Legacy

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